Public Policy is social agreement written down as a universal guide for social action. We at The Policy ThinkShop share information so others can think and act in the best possible understanding of "The Public Interest."

The Policy Think Shop Rules

THE VENUE: Welcome to The Policy Think Shop @www.PolicyABCs.Org

The Policy ThinkShop Blog is an information sharing resource that seeks to host and coordinate various social media tools that will network public policy information sharing and knowledge building. It is a website maintained to provide a medium where “the public interest” can be better defined and supported.

THE MEDIUM: This blog is simply a social platform for sharing ideas through the written word. The focus is on social media tools that allow reasonable people to share and build on reasonable ideas that seek to address current public policy issues.   We can all come here to meet and build a conversation to enlighten people who are interested in participating in the public policy discourse from an academic, practitioner or public interest advocacy perspective.

MODERATOR: I am the typist behind “WeSeeReason”–a twitter account that tweets concepts and words related to reasonable thinking about the world around us. I have been on the internet since 1995 and have enjoyed every moment of it. I have three decades of policy research, development and implementation experience and a Masters degree in Policy.

But this blog is not about me. It is about our ability to build policy insight through reasonable words–hence “WeSeeReason.”

You can also share with us at:

The Rules: Public Policy Affects All of Us. It should not be a mystery…

The Policy ThinkShop

It should be as easy as ABCs

  1. Think before you write.
  2. Consider the audience you are addressing and always be respectful.
  3. Stay on topic.
  4. Before you make your point or take the discussion in a different direction, make sure the persons(s) making the most recent points have had an appropriate response.
  5. Be yourself and speak for yourself.
  6. Listen harder than you “talk” and always be ready to apologize to preserve good relations with others when you commit an error–we all do.

HOW TO CONTACT US: I appreciate the value of this medium, which allows us to share our thoughts, opinions and insights within a conversation that can add to our public policy thinking and consequent commitments to make our communities better places to live.  Send us your thoughts at any of our main twitter accounts and or email.  These are:







One Response

  1. ImagineABCs says:

    Imagine that you have a place where you can go and test out your ideas with people who you can “trust” because they are in that place for reasons similar to yours. You have the choice of being anonymous or of sharing your identity and you can influence and shape the discussion in that place by simply suggesting your topic and welcoming feedback, constructive criticism or simply conversation that can further your exploration of the validity and relevance of your ideas. That place is THE POLICY THINK SHOP.

    Although it is now only evolving, it has exactly the potential of what we put into it. It is like a focus group you can constantly return to. It is a topic area where you choose the topics you want to participate in and contribute topics of your own.

    Ideas and comments can also be sent one-on-one to:


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