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The Policy ThinkShop Policy Team Comments on Health insurance: The Obamacare software mess | The Economist

Given today’s liberalization of news information, few bastions remain where one can sift through the cacophony of media bites and babble to form an educated

opinion or assess an educated risk. The Economist is failing in this regard on the American debate on healthcare reform–The Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare reform in America is a struggle for power and wealth at the increasingly small American top and a life and death struggle for most of the people below.

If we loose respected journals like the Economist in these times of mass information as intellectual fodder for the masses, we will be left without an intellectual meeting place where concerned minds can gather to contemplate benchmarks and directions. Regarding The Affordable Care Act debate in America, not only has the current president failed to sell and communicate the important of ACA implementation, he has once again betrayed the needs of the many for the expedient and self serving calculus of preserving power and status by appealing to an imaginary center–not too different here from the pragmatic Bill Clinton on Welfare Reform. But we digress.

The Economist has been a reliable source for decades as it has proven to be an \”objective\” source of information on the complex world stage. It\’s recent coverage of the American scene, however, requires vision and focus if it is going to support the journal\’s reputation as one of the few sources that our college professors respected that were not refereed journals.

The headline of the above story, \”The Obamacare sofware mess,\” is as semantically charged as it is irrelevant to any of the public policy issues raised by a serious American healthcare market debate addressing the important issue of how healthcare is distributed, facilitated or accessed by people in need of healthcare services.

Semantics: The term \”Obamacare\” plays directly into the divisive and charged narrative that portrays the healthcare debate in America as a tug of war between an \”evil and un-American\” president and American freedom. The framing of the current full court press, by conservatives, to obstruct the American president, at all at all costs, and the popular will of a democracy, is akin to saying that Churchill failed to stop Hitler sooner or to foresee the costs of settling with Stalin because of his neonatally determined speech impediment. It is academically irresponsible and intellectually dishonest, at least on the pages of this fine journal, to stain this usually intellectually rigorous space with narratives that are more appropriate in pop news sources that entertain people who are looking to reinforce their own deeply held biases and/or myopic political world views.

The Economics has been a leading world source of factual information relevant to the business of serious policy discourse and sober business leadership.

The foregoing comments are submitted on behalf of the Policy ThinkShop blogging team.

As a not for profit, non partisan source of policy analysis and conversation, we rely heavily on sources like the Economist to promote reason and thoughtful

conversation on all things public policy….

Please reconsider your use of the American public policy discourse and reflect on your use of language to add to and further support our current cacophony of obstructionism and self promoting pragmatism in the pursuit of popular power and further public policy noise…


The Policy ThinkShop Policy Team

via Comments on Health insurance: The Obamacare software mess | The Economist.

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Honesty/Ethics in Professions | Gallup Historical Trends

When asked “Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields — very high, high, average, low, or very low?” people placed nurses, pharmacists and medical doctors at the very top as most trust worthy.  At the bottom of the list, they ranked lowest in trust worthiness, Car salesman as least trust worthy and members of congress second to least trust worthy.  HMO managers and Senators were also in the lowest quartile, along with Lawyers and Governors.

It is no wonder, then, that we are having such a difficult time implementing healthcare reform.  It seems people value, need and trust healthcare and its direct practitioners, but are leery of politicians and bureaucrats.

Ironically, it can be said that healthcare reform has been designed and promoted by politicians.  No wonder then!

via Honesty/Ethics in Professions | Gallup Historical Trends.

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Surveillance: Spying in a democracy depends for its legitimacy on informed consent, not blind trust.

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Congress Passes $9.7 Billion in Relief for Hurricane Sandy Victims –

New York and New Jersey flexed their political muscle in order to get Congress to move on making good the promise that victims of Hurricane Sandy would be taken care of.  In these times of budget cuts, budget deficits and tax battles on the Hill, real political muscle prevailed as these two important states were able to move an embattled federal political elite.

“The measure is the first, and least controversial, portion of a much larger aid package sought by the affected states to help homeowners and local governments recover costs associated with the storm. The House has pledged to take up the balance of the aid package on Jan. 15.”

President Obama will follow through on the real politic as bipartisanship hopes yield to political realties…

“The House passed the insurance measure 354 to 67; it then cleared the Senate by unanimous consent. President Obama is expected to sign the measure into law.”

More via Congress Passes $9.7 Billion in Relief for Hurricane Sandy Victims –

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What’s Ahead On The Post-SCOTUS Decision Landscape – Kaiser Health News

The Wall Street Journal: Health Battle Enters Round 2

A new front opened Friday in efforts to reshape how the federal government implements President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul now that the Supreme Court has ruled to keep the law in place. Employers, insurers, hospitals, drug makers and others are angling for an advantage as the government writes the regulations and sets the policies that will bring the law to life (Radnofsky and Weaver, 7/1).

Los Angeles Times: Healthcare Law Still Faces Obstacles

President Obama’s healthcare law emerged from its bruising two-year legal ordeal largely intact, with its primary goal of guaranteeing all Americans health security still standing. The Supreme Court, however, is only the first of several daunting obstacles the law must clear (Levey, 7/1).

The New York Times’ Economic View: Giving Health Care A Chance To Evolve

When the court affirmed the law’s constitutionality on Thursday, many forecasters were astonished. The ruling came by the slimmest of margins and was defended, in places, by deeply flawed economic reasoning. But it has paved the way for an orderly rehabilitation of America’s gravely dysfunctional health care system (Frank, 6/30).

The Washington Post: Washington’s Winners And Losers From The Supreme Court’s Health-Care Ruling

The Supreme Court last week upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature domestic achievement aimed at expanding health care coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans. The court upheld both the requirement that all individuals buy insurance, and the expansion of Medicaid, a joint federal-state insurance program for the poor — as long as the federal government does not threaten to withhold states’ Medicaid funding if states choose not to expand. Here is a look how the decision affects the local business world (Ho, 7/1).

HealthyCal:  Court Ruling Opens Door To Big Changes In Health Care

The easiest way to understand the coming change is this: The current business model of the health insurance industry consists of avoiding risk. The new model will instead force insurance companies to compete by offering the best service (Weintraub, 7/1).

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: Employers Weigh Health Care Ruling’s Effect

Now that the health care law has gotten the green light from the U.S. Supreme Court, business owners across Minnesota are running the numbers to see how the law’s requirements will affect their businesses in the coming years. The law affects employers in different ways, depending on their size (Crosby, 6/30).

Market Watch: Insurer Stocks Continue To Fall After Ruling

In the wake of a landmark Supreme Court ruling that reverberated throughout the sector, commercial insurers started sliding again in Friday trading despite a broad market rally. These insurers, which had stumbled from the shock of the court’s decision Thursday to uphold President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul legislation, rebounded when trading opened. But as the session wore on, they slid into negative territory (Britt, 6/29).

via What’s Ahead On The Post-SCOTUS Decision Landscape – Kaiser Health News.

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