Public Policy is social agreement written down as a universal guide for social action. We at The Policy ThinkShop share information so others can think and act in the best possible understanding of "The Public Interest."

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1b824dc  The following links will help you take advantage of the research and analysis we work very hard on to keep you informed.  We are now hosting our own WordPress blog at PolicyABCs is a website supported by Albilal & Associates as a “pro bono public” project in the public interest.   This will allow us more digital and social media control than we currently have at our WordPress.Com venue and will allow us to better serve your information needs.  Checkout our new hosted blog and website at:


Cogito Ergo SumAs we co-promote a and relationship for our PolicyABCS website and Policy ThinkShop Blog, your input will be vital.  Please visit our new “.Org” site and show us your appreciation for providing this public interest information service.


Albilal & Associates

What can you do to standout in this labor market?

Your career, organization, business or team depend on digital inputs and outputs that increasingly rely on variables driven by the new eCommerce environment.

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For information on philanthropy’s role in addressing the impact of the deep and lingering economic recession join us at:


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2 Responses

  1. Wes B. says:

    This is an absolutely marvelous blog. It’s good that you offer a place that people can come and share their thoughts about modern society. The videos are also very insightful, and really make me think a lot about life itself. I hope that you continue to make fabulous posts, show videos, and have a place where we can express our thoughts.

    ~ Wes B.


    • Thanks Wes ….

      It’s nice to get feedback from people who appreciate our work.

      Did you checkout our section on “Break for Fun”

      You can find it midway down our right most column or by clicking the top left box labelled “Browse by Topic”


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